Got wrist/thumb pain?


Got wrist/thumb pain?

Watch Lisa on PA Live!







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Got elbow pain?

Got elbow pain?

Got elbow pain?

Watch Lisa on PA Live!

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Got Shoulder Pain?? Watch Lisa on PA Live!

Watch Lisa talk about shoulder pain and treatments on PA Live!


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Hand 2 Hand Therapy on PA LIVE!

Hand 2 Hand Therapy on PA LIVE!

Celebrating National Hand Therapy Week: June 1-7, 2015   Check out the link

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COMING SOON at Hand 2 Hand Therapy…..Chair Yoga / Zen Meditation Class


chair yoga picHand 2 Hand Therapy now presents…    

Chair Yoga / Zen Meditation Class


Weight Control

Osteoporosis and Osteopenia



Heart Disease

Chronic Pain


Disabled People

Multiple Sclerosis


WHEN: Tuesday, May 26th at 11:00am

WHERE: Aerobic Studio at Danko’s Fitness Center at 3 North River St, Plains, PA

HOW MUCH:  $15 (1 hour class)

For more information call us at 570-820-5900

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How Do I get Rid of Shoulder Pain?

There are so many reasons why shoulder pain can arise. Often it is because we overuse them during our work and play activities. Sometimes it’s because we have a fall and do not realize the damage we may have done to our shoulder until much later when our other injured parts have started to heal.

The main point is this…if you have shoulder pain, you need someone to help you figure out why. You need someone who not only knows how your shoulder works…but how your daily activities either help or hinder the pain! As a Certified Hand & Upper Extremity Therapist (CHT), I am able to help you do this. image

If you live in the northeast area of PA, call me at 570-820-5900 to make an appointment. I will be happy to help 🙂

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Why do I have wrist pain???


Wrist pain can occur in many ways and for many reasons.  The most common pain occurs with movements  such as pushing, twisting, weight-bearing and torsional impact.  Activities such as biking, weightlifting, golf, tennis, and even housecleaning can cause wrist pain. Taking notice of what activities bring on the pain and the location of the pain is important to report when seeking treatment.

One of the best things to ask your doctor during your consult is a referral to hand therapy with a Certified Hand Therapist (or CHT).  During your evaluation and throughout your treatment process, a CHT will help you analyze your daily activities to find out how and when your wrist pain occurs.  You will learn to adapt and modify how you perform these activities to lessen the pain.  You will also learn about various types of wrist supports that can often eliminate your pain altogether 🙂

You can find a listing of CHTs in your area by visiting  If you are in Northeastern Pennsylvania area, call us at Hand 2Hand Therapy at 570-820-5900 to make an appointment.  We would be happy to help!


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A Pain in the Thumb…

How do we stop it?

We need our thumbs…no question, right?

So what do we do when we have pain in our thumbs?  The answer to this depends on what type of pain we have.  For the most part, though, there are a few simple and effective ways to do this:

MOIST HEAT – No electric blankets here! Make sure its the microwavable type of heat pads.  You can find them in most pharmacies.  Paraffin baths are also great.  They can be found in health and beauty supply stores.

GENTLE COMPRESSION GLOVES – I recommend the Norco Tipless Compression Gloves that can be found online at  These can be worn at night or day to help keep the joints warm and swelling down, which decreases pain.

SUPPORT WRAPS – Finding the right support to help decrease thumb pain can be very tricky.  There are many different types on the market, but often you need a support that is customized to fit your unique hand that allows you to function in your everyday life.  Hand 2 Hand Therapy can help you do this 🙂

MANUAL THERAPY – Certified Hand Therapists are experts at finding what areas need to be addressed to help thumb pain using specialized manual techniques and massage. At Hand 2 Hand Therapy, we provide patients with this specialized care as well as with education on how to avoid stressful positions, use of adaptive equipment, and help with finding the right support splint for your specific needs.

I hope these tips help you…

For more info or to schedule a consult…give us a call 🙂

Hand 2 Hand Therapy



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How to Get Rid of Numbness & Tingling in Your Hands?




Have you ever wondered why you keep dropping things? Why can’t you feel your hands? Are you fumbling with simple tasks like tying shoes and typing on your keyboard?  Maybe the problem is starting much higher than at your hands…

Numbness and tingling is the signal that something is wrong with how the nerves talk to the hands.  If you think of your entire arm as a pathway from your neck to your fingertips, and the nerves as electrical cords that carry messages from your neck to your hands…it will be easier to imagine how many things can get in the way of the messages being sent back and forth.

Simple things like how you sit, stand, move around and even sleep can have a direct affect on the nerves along the arm.  Nerves do not like to be stretched, squashed, or interrupted in any way.  They are often the easiest tissue to injure…and the tissue least likely to forgive you for doing so 🙁

Doing things like sitting at a computer too long in the wrong position, working with your arms above your head repetitively, or sleeping with your arm in a compressed position can really get your nerves angry!

At Hand 2 Hand Therapy, we as Occupational & Certified Hand/Upper Extremity Therapists are experts at helping you figure out just what is causing your nerves to get so angry.  We are also able to teach you ways to decrease your pain and improve your ability to do the things you haven’t been able to do because of the pain, numbness, & tingling in your hands.

Call us today!

Plains, PA Office: 570-820-5900

Hazleton, PA Office: 570-453-0252







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