Patient Services

Hand Therapy Services

Hand2Hand Therapy provides a wide array of patient services for the Elbow, Wrist and Hand.  If you are looking for another type of service, please contact us as we work with all types of situations.  Our greatest quality is our ability to work individually with each patient to ensure they get the exact therapy experience they need.

  • Initial evaluation and monthly progress reports
  • Mobilization of joints and soft tissue/massage
  • Development and monitoring of strengthening program
  • Custom splinting and fitting for prefabricated splints
  • Management of scar tissue
  • Management of swelling
  • Scar Management
  • Preventative treatments to include ergonomic analysis and posture assessment
  • Development of techniques to decrease neural tension
  • Normalization of sensation by desensitization and re-sensitization
  • Education to community service organizations, schools, sports teams, or corporations/workplace on upper extremity injuries, how to treat, prevent and manage
  • Custom Hand, Wrist and Elbow supports
  • Fittings, Fabrications and Recommendations