Swelling / Edema Management

After any type of injury, swelling immediately occurs.  Swelling is the way our bodies react to injury in order to heal.  If controlled early on, this swelling will resolve and allow the rest of the phases of healing to occur.  Sometimes, as with many elbow, wrist and hand injuries, this swelling is not as easy to control.  Swelling in a hand and wrist is especially hard to see once the first few days after the injury have passed.  Gradually, you notice that as your injured elbow, wrist or hand gets less swollen on the outside, it is still hard to move.  This is because a good portion of the swelling is still under the skin and within the joint.  That’s when a Certified Hand Therapist can help! We are specially trained in the use of techniques and tools to help get rid of this swelling quickly and efficiently.