After having surgery on my left arm for a compound fracture, my doctor recommended Hand to Hand Therapy for my rehabilitation needs. I was apprehensive going for treatment because of disappointments with past physical therapists on other health related problems. My concerns quickly vanished the first session with Hand to Hand Therapy. Ericka was not only great in the physical recovery but also putting my fears and hesitations to rest with each passing treatment. Even though the pain was intense, she minimized additional level of pain and achieved motion of the hand and wrist that I thought I would never reach. Even when therapy reached a point where I would need additional surgery for further movement, she was there for support and ready to answer any questions I would have on what to expect with surgery and recovery. I highly recommend Hand to Hand Therapy for your rehabilitation needs.

Susan H.

Hi my name is Kyler S. I am a patient of Lisa Kozden. I am 12 years of age, and I love it here at Hand 2 Hand Therapy. She is always trying new things with me and everybody else she treats. She loves her job and is completely devoted to her job and what she does.

Kyler S.

I am a patient of Hand 2 Hand therapy, and I would like to let folks know about Lisa Kozden, after having numerous surgeries because of an accident I had Lisa has been a blessing to help me cope with my everyday functionality. Lisa has not only helped me physically but also mentally she helped me get through some rough times, the knowledge of the arm I have learned is so beneficial to help me on my own to get through days and tasks I have trouble with. One thing good came out of my accident was getting associated with Lisa. If you need to have therapy I highly recommend Hand 2 Hand therapy to help you out.

Lee R.

My family and I will never be able to fully express our gratitude to hand therapist Ericka Ondeck. I don’t know where I would be without her today, but I do know that I would have not made such a successful recovery. She gave me support, friendship, and helped me to heal. Ericka was a true blessing to me and I am thankful for her every day. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone, she is fantastic at what she does!

Stephanie S.

I was life flighted to a hospital after a severe work accident.   Eventually I did see a hand surgeon who referred me to Lisa.  I believe seeing her is one of the primary reasons I have any function of my hand today.  She helped me and I learned a great deal of who she was in the time spent with her.  Each patient is important, and she recognizes that their injuries are each distinct and need to be addressed individually.  Her awareness of treating the entire person, not just the injury is amazing.  As she treats you and offers direction, she considers the long term implications and reacts accordingly. She organized a plan as to how to treat me in order to get the most use of my hand.  I would highly reccommend that any person who has a hand problem (injury or othewise), could not possibly do better than to talk with her about it.  You will feel this caring and competence that I have spoken about.  My working with her has been integral to healing.  Please make this choice for yourself or a loved one if such a problem occurs.  

Mark R.