Why do I have wrist pain???


Wrist pain can occur in many ways and for many reasons.  The most common pain occurs with movements  such as pushing, twisting, weight-bearing and torsional impact.  Activities such as biking, weightlifting, golf, tennis, and even housecleaning can cause wrist pain. Taking notice of what activities bring on the pain and the location of the pain is important to report when seeking treatment.

One of the best things to ask your doctor during your consult is a referral to hand therapy with a Certified Hand Therapist (or CHT).  During your evaluation and throughout your treatment process, a CHT will help you analyze your daily activities to find out how and when your wrist pain occurs.  You will learn to adapt and modify how you perform these activities to lessen the pain.  You will also learn about various types of wrist supports that can often eliminate your pain altogether 🙂

You can find a listing of CHTs in your area by visiting www.htcc.org.  If you are in Northeastern Pennsylvania area, call us at Hand 2Hand Therapy at 570-820-5900 to make an appointment.  We would be happy to help!



About Lisa

Lisa Kozden, MOT,OTR/L,CHT,COMT is an Occupational/Certified Hand & Upper Extremity Therapist/Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist who has been treating patients with shoulder/elbow/wrist & hand injuries over the last 15 years. Lisa is co-owner of Hand 2 Hand Therapy, LLC and treats patients in the Plains, PA office. In 2014, Lisa earned a specialty certification as a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) through the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (IAOM-US.com). Lisa is currently enrolled in an Occupational Therapy PhD program at Nova Southeastern University and is a full-time OT Faculty Specialist at the University of Scranton teaching hand and upper extremity rehabilitation to seniors in the OT Master of Science Program.
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